Interview With Jullien Gordon pt 1

Video and editing by Sheena Lashay

Recently I sat down with Mr. Inspirational himself, Jullien Gordon to talk about goals, motivational speaking and life. Tucked away in a home in Brooklyn, I had a chance to learn a lot about Mr. Gordon and myself.

Find out more about Jullien and his programs here

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Spring Fever: The Men’s Edition

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Someday Does Not Exist

by Kia Chenelle

I’m still trying to find someday on the calendar. Its not a day of the week and its not a month so saying you will complete your goals “someday” is clearly not an option.  I was once an abuser of someday. The day used to describe when I would begin to live my life. Well guess what, someday is today.

Change is inevitable. Life will continue to move and the universe will continue to align things in order [...]

someday someday

We Dream In Color


Photographer: Amy Sieves

Makeup Artist: Melissa Mangrum

Models: Shayleen T of KIS Models and Bailey Wilson

Wardrobe: Courtney M. Roberts Collection

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Hear No Evil: Interview with Alma Beaty

Name: Alma Beaty

Location: Email?

Occupation: Student/ Model

How did you get in the modeling industry?

I got into the modeling industry by starting with Emorej’s fashion show, Apparatus II back in August 1st, 2010. Even though I wasn’t sure whether or not I will be able to make it, and was terrified of getting rejected because of my hearing loss, I still did what I had to do to see what was in store for me by showing them what I [...]

1_hear,see,speak_no_evil 1_hear,see,speak_no_evil
Why Cee-Lo Green is Important

by Jason Reynolds

The business of music has to be the most phenomenal, magnificent, poisonous and disastrous machine in history. From its earlier, more talent driven time, to the Berry Gordy paradigm where he molded and formed talent into superstardom, to what we now have, which most would agree is the equivalent to music’s microwave dinner. Convenient, looks great on the box, but tastes like shit. There’s no point in me delving into the details of today’s music only because we [...]

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The Coffee Shop

by Jason Reynolds

I used to love coffee. Three cups a day easy. Americano, with a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar. Perfect. I used to love to walk into my neighborhood coffee shop, the smell of roasted arabica beans floating through air dancing to the music. I loved putting my two dollars on the counter and nodding to the barista who whipped up my regular. Then I would sit down and sip it slow. Life. 

And like life does, [...]

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The Harsh Reality of Your Favorite Words

by Kia Chenelle

We are all guilty of it. We all use it and we all say that it’s normal. It has poured over into our regular vocabulary. Words have been added to the dictionary to reflect the times and new words are being created every day. Slang can be creative and it can be harsh, but it’s all fun right? Some words with backgrounds that hold a negative connotation for some cultures have now become the “it” words, the words [...]

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A Stress Free Work Place?

by Kia Chenelle

In today’s economic situation jobs are often hard to come by, let alone keep. So if you are an employee, employer or business owner the best thing to do is keep your work environment stress free. It almost seems impossible and not easy to do but creating a stress free workplace is obtainable.

Creating a inspiring and easy working environment can be done in a few steps. Why not make your place a business and place that people really [...]

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The Game



Photographer: J Quazi King

Hair: Joanne Petit-Frere

Wardrobe: Brze and Alkhemi- 9.0


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Wear Your Art On Your Sleeve…or Your Feet


Deets: Blouse- Mary Katrantzou Alcatraz Blouse, $1,250.00 Bracelet-Lakshmi, $258.00 Printed linen and silk Blend Skirt, $390.00 Net-a-Porter/ Laser cut leather shorts, 3.1 Phillip Lim/ Wool, silk and leather dress with skater skirt, David Koma/ Jefferey Campbell Ivory suede skate bootie

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10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

by Kia Chenelle

Architecture is one of the greatest forms of art. Think about the buildings you visit everyday, the sky scrapers that catch your eye and the bridges you drive across. All beautifulworks art that was formed in someones mind then laid brick by brick and wire by wire for our everyday use. I decided to list some of the worlds most amazing architectures, bridges!

Millau Bridge, Tarn Valley

Kintaikyo, Iwakuni

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Oresund Bridge, Oresund Strait

Nanpu [...]

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