A guide for foreign students in Brisbane

Aussies, when your parents finally say “yes” to staying away for university, your heart will scream “freedom!” At last, no nagging, no forced room makeovers, and no sleeping curfews; you can do whatever you want as long as it does not violate any law, please. Your excitement must be at peak, but you must be ready for the move. You will need a place to stay, preferably near your chosen university. Students who are looking for student accommodation queensland are probably hunting for one place to another. In Australia, you can select from the many prestigious universities you can enroll.



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Need to know!


From the big to the small cities, education privileges are never scarce in Australia. In fact, there are over 9,447 schools and at least 3 million students in the country, and Brisbane happens to be an education hub for local and international students. A lively pinpoint of location for Australia’s busiest, Brisbane makes it to the list.


However, if you’re an international student planning to study in Australia, you need to find good student accomodation rentals for your scholastic stay. In doing so, you’re going to secure your safety, productivity and flexibility during your time in Australia.


If you’re going to study in Brisbane, you’re in luck. There are many universities near student accomodation rentals. These are some of the following:


  1. James Cook University Brisbane Campus
  2. Griffith University
  3. University of Queensland St. Lucia Campus
  4. Queensland Technological University
  5. Torrens University Australia


Need to try!


Brisbane is no stranger to local and international students. Accommodation is almost at every corner of the city. Because Brisbane values your stay as much as you do, students are not just expected to be just in and out of their apartments and just go to school. That’d be way too boring to keep your nose on your books and your head on numbers.


So, international students, if you have moved to a place that is your chosen accommodation for students, congratulations! Sooner or later, you can enjoy your stay in Australia. Here are the top 5 things to do in Brisbane:


  1. Try authentic Australian BBQ – Believe the craze! BBQs are Aussies favourite, and they spend time grilling it to perfection.
  2. Explore spots – You and your fellows don’t have to be stuck in student apartments all day. You have to check out theme parks, museums, and trendy cafes, or maybe even climb the Story Bridge!
  3. Get lost in the local farmer’s market – Not literally lost, but be lost in awe of the busy and colourful farmers market.
  4. Beach please – You’ll need a taste of salt water and a touch of the hot sun so you can visit Brisbane’s beaches.
  5. Talk to a Brisbane greeter – You can know more about the city when you talk to a Brisbane Greeter, who are people volunteering for welcoming tourists in Brisbane.


Student living made possible


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