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Your checklist to maintaining electric commercial gates and ensuring they last long

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Commercial gates are one of the biggest investments you make for your business. Nonetheless, these gates promise a lot of benefits that their initial price cannot outweigh. Aside from keeping your premises secure, they also improve the kerb of your commercial property, increasing its value.



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However, like other things, a commercial gate will also see better days. Still, there are things that you can do to ensure it operates smoothly and last very long.


Here is a checklist that you can use for maintaining your gate:


  • Keep your gate clean.


Similar to many things, commercial gates will look their best if they are cleaned regularly. Washing and waxing them at least twice a year will keep them looking stunning.


Without regular cleaning, it will not take long for your gate to become blemished. And, it will cost you a lot to restore its looks. Amongst other things, you have to remove, sand blast, powder coat, and reinstall it.


  • Check its electrical components from time to time.


Whether you have those metal or wooden gates Leicester companies sell, you should remember that they usually have electrical components to function. The most important of these components would be the circuit board. Set outside, this will be exposed to the elements, apart from bugs and other pests. Check this component regularly for wear and tear, and if there are no insects occupying it.


It is also important to check the gate opener and test it on a regular basis. If you notice that it has stopped working, have it checked by professional immediately.


  • Lubricate the vital components.


With the help of professionals, you should also make sure that your gate’s bearings and internal mechanisms, such as the chains, stay greased. If you do it on your own, remember not to use WD-40, though, as it is not a lubricant, but is actually just a rust and residue remover. Ask the professionals for the most recommended lubricants for your type of gate.


  • Remove rust build-up.


Extreme weather elements and dirt build-up can cause rusting. So, if you have installed ornate metal gates Leicester companies have provided you for some time now, you should look for visible signs of rust, especially on the most important parts.


At its initial stage, rust can easily be removed by washing. So, be vigilant in checking it. Or else, it can cause severe damage that might require major repairs.


Final thoughts


Regardless of the type of gate you have in your commercial property, it surely needs some maintenance to operate smoothly and last long. While high-quality commercial gates require less work, they should still be checked regularly so that you can spot problems when they can still be fixed. You do not want to replace your entire gate in just one or two years, do you?


Now, the best way to go about this task is to hire professionals to perform scheduled maintenance checks on your gate. This ensures that it is always in great shape and functioning to its maximum potential.


On that note, you can check out Magtec Electric Gates. Aside from selling high-quality electric domestic gates and commercial gates, they also provide maintenance and repairs for their products.


Visit them at magtecelectricgates.co.uk.


In comparison: Roller versus sectional garage doors

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When choosing a garage door for your property, everyone has the same question. Which one is the best? Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer. You do have a lot of factors to consider, such as the style, purpose, and function of the doors. You also need to consider the space you have at your property. If you have limited space, you may want to consider roller or sectional garage doors.



sectional garage doors



Here is a comparison between the two types of garage doors to help you choose.


If you have a double garage, then a sectional garage door may work best to your advantage. That’s because sectional doors have a maximum width of 8 metres, whereas domestic roller garage doors can only go up to 5 to 6 metres wide.


Both roller and sectional garage doors open vertically, meaning they help save space because they don’t swing outwards when opening. The difference between the two is in the way they open. Sectional doors use a torsion or tension spring mechanism to lift the door panels smoothly to ceiling-mounted runners in the garage, while roller garage doors use a gear cog or chain mechanism to drive open the doors manually or automatically.

This is important because it affects how much garage space you’ll need for installation. For example, roller doors need twice as much headroom for its mechanism than sectional doors. But roller doors don’t make use of runners across the ceiling, making them a good option if you have a low ceiling.


Another thing Melbourne roller garage doors experts would like you to consider is the design of the garage door you will choose. Of course, you want your garage door to match the overall design of your home, especially if it’s attached to your property.

Both types of garage doors come in various colours and finishes. However, the designs of roller doors don’t vary as much because of their mechanism. Sectional doors, on the other hand, have more design options when it comes to the grain effects and panel designs, as well as the colours and finishes. They can easily be personalised to match your front door for a more coordinated look.

Another thing to consider is if you want to add windows on your garage doors. Garage roller doors Melbourne experts would like to remind everyone that it’s very rare for roller garage doors to have windows because of how it functions—and if you do add windows, only very thin layers of glass would be possible. On sectional garage doors, you can add windows of different styles, shapes, and glazing.


Sectional garage doors offer better strength and durability than standard roller doors. However, they are still an easy target for intruders when installed with a basic lock mechanism. To improve security, consider adding a more complex lock mechanism—or better yet—add a motorised mechanism as it removes the need for any lock system that is an obvious entry point.

The experts at Eco Garage Doors can help you find the right type of garage door for your property. You may also consult with them if you want to customise it to complement the overall design of your property.