Portable Granny Flats in NSW – A Great Boon to the Residents

More people prefer to live in cities because they seem to find more options in terms of employment, public amenities and avenues to spend time. This is a universal phenomenon and Australia is no exception. This puts a lot of pressure on the need for accommodation in the cities. The suburbs are growing and extending beyond many miles from the main city. The governments in the states and the local councils have to come up with ideas to meet this challenge.

In NSW, the affordable rental housing aspect was studied closely and they relaxed the rule with regards to granny flats some years ago. The rule change permitted house owners to have granny flats and then have these rented to non-relatives. As such, this has resulted in a 260% increase in the construction of granny flats in Sydney alone in 5 years. The business of portable granny flats NSW wide also addresses this segment plus many others who may need additional accommodation on a temporary basis as well.

Portable Granny Flats NSW

It’s a Compact Unit

The makers of these portable granny flats in NSW have done sufficient research on the needs of the public when it comes to this extra accommodation. The portable version basically implies that the need for the unit would be time bound. This timeframe can vary widely according to the individual needs. But even with that, these structures are usually given a nice exterior finish and a comfortable interior as well. The options available for the customers are single-bed and double-bed NSW Portable Granny Flats, and you can choose from the different designs offered by the vendor. It is more like a ‘plug and play’ unit and you can start living in it straightaway.

Consider the Various Pros and Cons before Ordering

After you have had a tour of online resources like http://www.vanhomes.com.au, you can make a quick check on the benefits you can derive by ordering one of the best portable granny flats in NSW. The timeframe required for the unit to be up and available is less than a day with practically everything in its place. Of course, the custom-made ones may take a little longer to be readied and brought to the site. More importantly, you don’t have to look for any specific approval for adding any of the portable granny flats NSW residents opt for. What’s more, the unit can be moved out and towed to another place when required.

A Source of Additional Income

Some families, senior citizens, and others may wish to go for portable granny flats NSW based on the view of augmenting their income by renting the unit out. They can accommodate students or others in need of such a place to stay and once the financial need eases up, they can always dispose of the unit and recover a good part of what they paid for initially. In some of these cases, the tenants can also offer the senior house owners a sense of security in times of emergencies. More info at Van Homes.

All in all, granny flats are definitely a great boon to the residents of NSW.