Dual accommodation to add value to the property


Do you have a large backyard in your premises? If so, you can make use of this vacant space in a productive manner. All that you have to do is build a residential plot which is abutting your premises. This dual occupancy house will fetch you rent and naturally, it will be a substitute to your income. Yes, this is a productive investment because in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the value of dwelling units has increased by about 11.3% as compared to increase during 2016. Naturally, it will also add value to your property.

dual occupancy

Liquidate the hidden value:

Therefore, it can be said that by building the dual occupancy homes, you actually liquidate the hidden vacant land abutting your premises. The new house you so construct can be either in the backyard or front. The design of such a house will depend on the space available and all the other related factors.

Corner sites:

If your premises are located on a corner site, then the dual occupancy building will enjoy the benefit of a road on the frontage. Naturally, such a building will fetch you reasonably higher rental. Also, the dwelling houses on the corner site have a higher real estate value.

Norms of the local council:

Building dual houses should be in strict compliance with the norms of the local council. For example, according to the norms, if the total area of the vacant land is 1000 m2, then the floor space ratio shall be 0.4:1. if the vacant land is more than 1000 m2, then the floor space ratio shall not exceed 400m2. In addition to this, you will have to also comply with the norms of the local environment plan (LEP) and development control plan (DCP). The house builders Melbourne market has today will guide you on matters relating to complying with the norms of the local council.

Limited investment:

If you are planning to build a dual home, then you may look for any of the Latitude 37 home builders and start the work at the earliest possible time. As already said, the capital market is quite encouraging and it would be an ideal time to invest in such a venture. Further, for building a dual accommodation you make use of the existing vacant land. Therefore, your investment will be limited to the construction of the dual house and you will not spend towards the land cost.

Look for frontage:

On the other hand, if you are buying a vacant land with an intention of constructing dual accommodation, then you may have to carefully consider the frontage. According to the norms existing in Australia, dual accommodation will be allowed only on vacant lands with a frontage of 18 to 20 meters. Further, for building dual accommodation you will have to subdivide the land although you may not create a separate equity for each of these dwelling units. The new home builders Melbourne market has today will provide you all the necessary inputs regarding construction of dual accommodation.

Find popular builders:

It is always ideal to make the best use of vacant land by constructing dual accommodation plots. But, the need of the hour is to look for experienced and popular builders like the http://www.l37.com.au/why-l37/dual-occupancy/. Such builders will guide you appropriately and also construct the building without compromising on the quality.

Broome Home Builders: Choosing the Right One


Broome is a town located in Western Australia. For those who need to settle in this region, there are many home builders to choose from.  Choosing the right home builder is vital since a home is an expensive investment. Broome home builders have different categories, depending on their line of qualifications. Some builders categories include unit builders, design and construction, custom home builders, small lot builders, colonial or timber home builders, display home builders, removable home builders, renovation builders, and  unit or commercial builders.  With such an expansive list, you need to consider several factors in choosing the right one. These are:

Broome home builders
Broome home builders

Personal preferences

When looking for perfect Broome home builders, it is important to know your personal preferences first. This will include making an informed choice on the exact kind of service you need.  You can then search for builders offering services that are in line with your needs. Such an approach will reduce the time spent in search of a perfect builder.

Personal referrals, references, and online searches

When looking for a home builder in Broome, ask for references from homeowners who have had recent projects done. This will give you lead on the most preferred builder to hire. Additionally, analyzing homes similar to your project can help you have contacts with the right builder. 

Online searches yield results to quality home builders in Broome. This is because most of the reputable companies are listed on sites like Master Builders Association, for easier access. Online sites allow you to conduct searches for builders by project location, project type or rating.


Gauging the status of Broome Home builders is important. This should be done by making a list of prospective builders. Checking out projects they have recently handled will give you an idea of their work credibility. In order to get the fact-based information, talk to people who have hired your prospective builders. Ask about the builders’ client relation and service delivery, their ability to listen to the client’s needs and act on them and their relationship to team members. This research will offer you feedback on the most credible builder to hire, with a better reputation.


Analyzing the services of a builder is an important task in choosing the right home builder. It is important to understand the type of services offered by any prospective Broome Builder.  This can be done by interviewing the builder, reading informational materials provided by the building company and going to the firm’s website.  Most building and construction companies have websites and blogs offering information on their services. http://www.hmtracey.com.au/ is a site belonging to H&M Tracey Construction which is one of the credible Broome building companies. You may visit the site to learn more about what they offer.

Other services to check from prospective builders include warranties provided, future home maintenance, provision of information on appliances or safety gadgets installed, home care and handling of legal cases that may arise in the future.

Work quality

It is critical to analyze the work quality of a prospective builder. From sample projects they have implemented, ensure to examine their finishing, painting skills, installation of gadgets in the home for safety measures, cabinetry skills and the quality of products they use.

Easy Ways to Finding the Right Home Improver


As changes happen in one’s life, the house also adjusts along with its homeowners. Is your mother-in-law moving in or do you need an extension for other relatives? It may be time to call for the granny flat builders Perth has to offer. These modern home improvers are the go-to guys for professional home improvement projects particularly in the adding of space and extensions.

granny flat builders Perth
granny flat builders Perth

With this service being sought after by many home owners, the number of companies providing renovations and extensions have also piled up over the years. Now where does that put you? I must say, in a confusing state and position.

Who do you call and hire? How do you know if the granny flat builders Perth has available are the best ones in town?

Here are qualities that your builders and home improvers should have:

First, they have to have experience. Long years in the business puts the professional builders in the list of the most skilled builders since there are things that only time and practice can teach. They become more than just people who build and construct; they develop an area of expertise and can therefore be referred to as Modern home improvers granny flat builders, to say the least.

It’s one thing to be able to construct a house, but to be able to construct a specific area and do that with the right skills and efficiency is exceptional. Adding extensions to a fully constructed house can be dangerous when not done properly. The foundation is already settled together with the structures, so to remove and add more structures to it can damage the property when not handled by skilled experts.

The best granny flat builders Perth provides are those that offer more options to the client, in terms of design, style and cost. They should be able to listen to what the client has to say and at the same time, share ideas that the client may not have known of. This will help the client tremendously and open up opportunities on better ways to start the extension project.

The builder must also be open and flexible with regards to the service charge. The granny flat prices at Modern Home Improvers rates are competitive in the country. Because of the growing competition and number of building companies, prices are reasonably rated these days – in the intent of acquiring more hires for the service providers.

But despite this, a good builder allows negotiations and takes the time to work on the available budget of the client. Since they are familiar with the cost of the entire project, it will be up to them to make the adjustments, but never compromising on the safety and durability of the extension to be built. Check us now: http://www.modernhomeimprovers.com.au/granny-flats-perth-wa ,They could either cut on the materials, choose a slightly cheaper version or make of it or build the extension in a less structured way to lessen the use of building tools as well. Cutting cost on the minor parts can be possible but never on the main structures and foundations.

Discover the Good Life Today with Canal Homes


Looking for a residential paradise within the Sunshine Coast Region? Welcome to Pelican Waters Planned Community in Caloundra, where beautiful memories are made. You can also find some of the most immaculate canal homes Sunshine Coast, all of which have been maintained to the highest of standards you can imagine.

Canal homes Sunshine Coast
Canal homes Sunshine Coast

At Pelican Waters in Caloundra, you can immerse yourself into a luxurious coastal life – along with all the good things that come with it. You can also find Master Planned Communities, where you can get your dream house. You can find subdivisions as well, where you can establish your dream lifestyle and build a home for your family.

If you are considering sites for Canal homes Sunshine Coast, apartments, or villas – then this magnificent, water-based community is the place to be. It is an 810-acre community with proximity to all amenities that you would wish for on Australia’s Sunshine Coast Region.

There are also plenty of amenities and facilities in this idyllic location – including schools, entertainment spots, sports, recreation, and dining options amongst others.

Why should you grab one of Canal Homes Sunshine Coast now?

There is a severe shortage for idyllic, waterfront properties on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Pelican Waters Community in Caloundra gives you an excellent opportunity to grab a piece of this before it is too late. This is your chance to a grab a piece for prime real estate on the Southeast Queensland area.

Pelican Waters has long been regarded as the best place for a true waterfront lifestyle in Queensland. At the Pelican Waters Caloundra, you now have the opportunity to get a piece of this lifestyle by acquiring your ideal Canal homes Sunshine Coast that will appeal to your tastes and heart’s desires.


Canal homes Sunshine Coast at the Pelican Waters Caloundra sit at one of the most ideal locations in Queensland. There is also a good proximity to the Caloundra CBD, along with the open waters of Pumicestone Passage – where you can experience the aquatic lifestyle. This planned community enjoys one of the most strategic locations on Sunshine Coast.

It only sits within an hour of two away from the most important airports in the area, the Brisbane International Airport and the Sunshine Coast Airport. Some of Australia’s and world’s best beaches are also situated only a short distance from here.

Other attractions that are only a few minutes away from this planned community include the region’s protected waterways, the Glasshouse Mountains, the offshore reefs, the Craggy headlands, the rolling hills, and numerous mountain hideaways amongst many others.

Pelican Waters Caloundra Planned Community

Enjoy canal land with accessibility to all those dreamy attractions of Sunshine Coast – including canal waterways, ocean access, waterfront sites, waterviews, and so much more. There is also great diversity in the canal homes that you can choose from. These include the master canal homes in Pelican Waters, which are now available for sale.

At the display village, you can sample the wide range of building styles that have been used on this planned community. For more information on canal homes Sunshine Coast, check out http://www.pelicanwaters.com/.

Positive Reasons Organizations Should Consider Member Management Software


Record-keeping has always been a big challenge for companies and organizations, especially those whose members keep growing in number. The typical means to record and manage membership data is through the use of office computers and Excel spreadsheets. This method of record-keeping, however, poses a lot of issues for organizations with limited resources in particular. They actually end up losing huge amounts of money and other resources due to their lack of a more effective and efficient way of member registration, tracking of payments, contacting members, and sending out information. The good news is that there is now member management software that allows for the easy recording and monitoring of all the details of organization members and activities.

Member Management
Member Management

Perhaps the best thing about using club management software is that it allows you to keep your existing clients and also look for new customers at the same time. Since this software makes it much easier for you to collect and manage your customers’ data, communicating with them becomes easier as well, helping to build customer loyalty. There are many different programs that membership management software may come with, such as email programs, task lists, invoices, payment collection, professional templates, and so on.

Attendance Monitoring and Online Access

Giving your members online access to your member management software enables them to check out and keep updated with all the materials you make available online. For instance, if you have a video that you want to share with your club members, you just have to put it on a customer interface portal to which they have access. This is also a very easy way for you to keep them updated on all the developments happening within the organization.

In terms of your members’ attendance, you can easily monitor and follow up on it through this software. Membermeister even has a mobile app that allows you to track your members’ attendance, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Collecting Payments

In the past, organizations had no choice but to manually register their members and even manually collect payments from them. Aside from the fact that this is a very time-consuming process, it opens up possibilities for erroneous payment records. But with Membermeister membership software, you just have to set your invoicing schedule and let the software automatically generate those invoices. Not only does it help you save time, but it can also help you build strong client relationships.

Changing and Updating Data

Another impressive feature of member management software is that it enables you to make changes to the all the data in it. If there are changes that need to be made to the contact numbers and addresses of your members, or if they have requested to change payment details, editing their profiles won’t be as bothersome as before. This is more efficient as well, because deleting old information and inserting the updated one can be done simultaneously.

Easier and More Effective Communication

Having member management software installed in your office is a good way of improving communication between your workers as well. They can use their notebooks or mobile phones to log in to the program in case they need to when they’re away. What’s amazing about this, too, is that all forms of office communication are conducted from only one place. Invest in a digital data management system today and watch it work wonders for your business!

Check out their website at https://www.membermeister.com/ for more information.

Functions of a Retail POS System


What would it be like never to have to worry about bookkeeping errors or where to get the money to pay all those bookkeeping professionals? Computerlink has made this possible. Their Retail Point of Sale Software has been designed to help businesses improve their sales records, inventory management, receipt processing, order processing and other aspects of a business. The cash register software is just an example of the efficient POS systems that are revolutionising the small to medium enterprise industry. Below we explore the various important functions of Retail POS systems and how they help boost productivity in a business.

Cash Register Software
Cash Register Software

Customer Order Processing

Keeping details about each and every customer is crucial for a business. It allows the business to handle each customer’s order personally and to their satisfaction. The customer order processing function of the retail POS system allows one to retrieve details about the customer such as special discounts, payment means and delivery details.

It automatically applies any discounts where applicable.

An order can be altered depending on the customer’s needs.

Automatic placement of out of stock products on backorder.

Creation and printing of proforma invoices, quotations and picking slips.

Each customer thus gets to handle personally and this plays a big role in improving business-customer relationship.

Inventory management

If you have stocked your business with many and varied products, it is important to keep a record of each one of them. With POS systems you can keep track of products by item, group, supplier, store and season. This ensures that at any time, you are aware of the products in the store and where they are. Benefits of inventory management include;

It is accurate and easy to use.

Inventory management becomes more efficient and streamlined.

You can track your stock from the time you order it to the end sale.

With inventory management you can observe sales trends which will help in better buyer planning.

Stock Receipting

Whenever stock is received, it is receipted with a date, total and invoice number into the inventory system. You can therefore better control the stock within the business and note any discrepancies easily.

Purchase order management

Cash register software and other POS software make tracking of purchases and their delivery easy and efficient. Other than tracking the purchases, you can amend them at any time and once the stock arrives it is easy to match it against required deliveries. Purchase order management also allows one to keep track of stock levels to ensure they are not depleted.

Customer control

Keeping present and past customer records is very important. With customer control software you can easily view present and archived details and reproduce customer statements such as invoices within a few seconds. Each customer’s account is well kept and maintained. This is especially important in debt control where outstanding debts and slow payers are noted.

Other important features and functions of cash register systems and other point of sale software include daily close and end of month reports, loyalty system, online help system, touch screen technology and an easy to use web shop interface. Check their website at http://computerlink.com.au for more details.


Why Working with a Wilston Property Manager is a Smart Idea


Any Wilston real estate investor will tell you that a competent property manager could spell the difference in getting more gains out of your investment. Hence, you need to consider working with one if you are planning to venture into the real estate market in Wilston or other neighboring areas.

wilston real estate

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Wilston property manager:

1.    You can get higher quality tenants. A qualified Wilston property management team employs a stringent tenant screening procedure. Hence, you can take out the hassle of dealing with bad tenants and looking for new ones. You can also enjoy other benefits such as on-time payment, longer rent contracts, and better maintenance of the unit.

2.    Shorter vacancy cycles. Tenants are more likely to trust dealing with reputable property management companies. Hence, you can find tenants more quickly than if you are handling the property on your own. With less vacancy cycles, you can maximize the revenue potential of the real estate.

3.    Simplified legal procedures. Whether you are trying to have your property rented or putting a Wilston property for sale, an experienced property management company will be tasked to handle the financial and legal intricacies of the process. This can be time-consuming and may involve a lot of costs, too. By letting the property management company handle this aspect of your investment, you can worry about other more vital aspects of your property.

If you are looking for a Wilston real estate property manager to handle your property in the market, Style Estate Agents is the best option available. They are notable in Brisbane for selling high-quality real estate at the most desirable locations. The company is also well-esteemed within the industry for their first-rate services. For more details about the services before working with them, visit their website at http://www.styleproperty.com.au/

Quick and Helpful SEO Definitions to Boost Your Sydney Business


Sydney is the most populous city in Australia, making it the best location for start-up businesses to grow. However, the thriving industry means you also have to face a lot of competition. So, we are here to give you an edge by making sure that your business presence is felt online. Sydney SEO services are easy to avail of. Here, we will help you understand just how important an online presence is for your company.

Hiring an SEO expert Sydney to maneuver your company website through the Internet’s tricky market is a good move. However, it is also possible that you may get too busy to check out how your online presence is going.

Quick and Helpful SEO Definitions to Boost Your Sydney Business

Search engine optimisation isn’t a hard field to understand at all. One trick is to start with the most important terms. Knowing how these terms come together will show you the whole picture on how big an impact the Internet can have on your business.

Page Ranking: This is where your website page shows up when people type in keywords that are related to your business on search engines like Google. For example, typing in “Sydney restaurant” will show you websites of the most popular restaurants in Sydney – which have the best rankings on search engines.

The main goal of Sydney SEO services is to make sure that your website gets the best page ranking possible.

Page Linking: This is where you put articles, posts, comments, and other methods of advertising on various websites that will link directly to your company page. It could be just as simple as sharing your business website on Twitter or Facebook, as well as writing articles with hyperlinks to your site.

SEO experts make sure that they post the right articles and comments on appropriate sites, so your business hits the correct target market.

Conversion: Making people visit your website isn’t enough for you to convert them into customers – whether the end goal is to purchase something, to have them contact you, or even to download something for free.

Conversions should be tracked and compared to see which marketing techniques worked in bringing more traffic to your site, converting them successfully into customers.

Click-Through Rate: This is when you check how successful your page linking was, along with the converting traffic to your website into business clients. It also measures how many people clicked the links you shared that leads to your site.

You can tell which advertising campaign you used was more effective as well. In general, the more clicks you get – the more successful that technique was into bringing people to your website.

Search engine optimisation is a never-ending process. The more you stay in-tune with current trends on the Internet and make use of them, the more online presence your business will get.

The best Sydney SEO services, like SEO Sydney City, will do the job of giving you all the online presence you need – gaining an edge over your competition. Check out their official website at http://www.seosydneycity.com.au/ for a free cheat sheet on SEO and make your business get the best online presence possible!

Mobile Apps from the Best Australian Developers to Boost Your Business


The Australian market is booming with smartphones with over 76% of mobile phone users scampering to get various types of applications on their gadgets. iPhone App Developers Sydney-based experts are grabbing every opportunity to introduce their innovations for Aussies to use in searching information such as software systems or for entertainment such as games. Currently, there are over a hundred thousand apps in the Apple store alone plus 200 more apps are being submitted every day. The rapid technological rush is changing the way people do business. And the statistics is something every businessman just would not and SHOULD NOT let pass.

iPhone App Developers Sydney
iPhone App Developers Sydney

There are many app developers that can give your business the boost it needs to tap the thousands of mobile phone users. There are a few App developers Brisbane and other areas in the continent that offer multi-platform designs. Cloud Down Under has a team of experts that can develop applications for iPhones and Androids that you could avail to your heart’s content so you can ride along the ever-growing mobile app community. Cloud Down Under proudly displays its slogan “Exploring the Limits of Mobile Technology” and it has since lived up to the mantra.

Mobile apps can certainly boost your business. Most adults, nowadays, prefer to spend their media time on their phone than on the print. Most mobile phone users would devote 64% of their time on apps. And the mobile web traffic has continued to grow since 2010 in Australia alone. App developers Sydney and other areas are continuing to develop apps from educational ones to entertaining ones to quench the various cravings of netizens all over the continent.

Cloud Down Under can be your reliable business partner in reaching a larger audience by establishing web presence. The Android and iPhone app developers Melbourne area and other cities in the continent of Cloud can help your connect to clients and build a solid base of loyal clients. With Cloud apps, you can increase the possibility of getting repeat business from existing clients. And, you also get the opportunity of expanding your business outside your current market zone.

Cloud Down Under boasts of their collection of professionally-built apps for Androids and iPhones. One business app that you should immediately get from Google Play and Apple Store is the Frontline HR – Timesheet. The app tracks down time-ins and time-outs as well as breaks. The app also records notes and comments daily. And the app also features digital signatures of employers and managers. Whether your enterprise is small, medium or large-scale, you can get the app to solve your industrial relations and human resource woes.

Cloud also offers apps that are light, entertaining yet educational. The mobile apps developed by Cloud Down Under are simple yet truly effective. You get practical solutions to daily business problems. Their apps are cost-effective so you are guaranteed better workflow and increased sales. The licensed Android and iPhone app developers Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other areas working in Cloud makes sure you get good reviews for your business from your clientele. You can get in touch with the mobile apps team by phone at 1300 699 571, by email at [email protected] You can also mail a post or visit their office at Level 1, 667 Ipswich Road, Annerly, QLD 4103.

Check out http://www.clouddownunder.com.au/ for more information.